While writing "El arma de los invisibles," Jose Manuel García Otero dedicated himself to fully understanding love as a metaphorical weapon of the invisible. In the process of writing, Otero immersed himself in a world of emotions and feelings that were often overlooked, but which had a tremendous impact on our daily lives.

  The book is the result of months of intensive research, deep discussions and hours spent thinking about love and its impact on our lives. Otero aimed to create a novel that was at once beautiful, true and inspired to a deeper understanding of love as a force that shapes our lives.

  The author himself said: "Writing 'El arma de los invisibles' was a journey of discovery for me. I wanted to show how invisible love can be a powerful weapon capable of transforming our lives."

  This commitment to authenticity and a deep understanding of feelings adorns every page of "El arma de los invisibles," making it a true treasure for those who wish to explore the mysteries of love.


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